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Find out why in 2020 every second customer of IMSHOP.IO client buys regularly via app
We launch and support the mobile sales channel of leading retailers:
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Global mobile Commerce in numbers
Web audience, as of the end of 2019
Mobile store audience
Exclusively mobile customers

Consider apps are more intuitive than a website
Percentage of revenue in store apps
Awesome mobile shopping experience
via focus groups, A/B and UX testing
Upgraded UX design
98% of the control group noted the convenience of applications based on IMSHOP.IO
X8 times faster than a website
Product-photos preoptimized for your device in the cloud
Unconventional marketing
IMSHOP.IO – is a omnichannel Internet marketing tool: PUSH, Analytics, mobile landing pages, deep links, smart banners, SMS installations, etc.
Intelligent notification
Smart PUSH will remind the customer about the order status, abandoned cart or a discount.
Push chooses appropriate time for the client.
Loyalty program
The customer doesn't need to carry a card to check loyalty balance and available discounts.
Fast interface
The app consumes 5 times less traffic than a website. It is easy to look through items even on the road or with a bad cellular connection.
Customers installing the app:
What our customers say:
Till 2019 VASSA&Co had a website only. Although the company's mobile traffic grew, the conversion rate was too low. The company decided to launch a mobile application to compete with other boutiques and increase online sales.
Mary Mischenko
E-commerce Director at VASSA&CO
The pilot project of the re:Store mobile application was launched on time and showed an economic effect, in connection with which a decision was made on further development of the product.
IMSHOP.IO employees provide quality support and advice when its needed.

Andrew Vasilyev
Head of E-commerce projects at re:Store
In the beginning we tried to redesign our website to make it more convenient, but when I saw tools that were simpler and cheaper, I chose the mobile application from IMSHOP.IO
Oleg Balandin
Executive directior at Forward
Why do retailers prefer IMSHOP.IO over developing an app from scratch?
Fast and flexible
The app starts selling within a month after the conclusion of the contract with a 90% probability.
For the first three months we collect analytics, form economy and the project's KPI
Each app is unique
Your personal manager will help you create the customer's journey and will tell you how to integrate that into the store's business process. The result is a tool that looks and works the way it is user friendly.
Testimonials and usability are number one priority
Our team performs field-testing only. We share information with retailers in order to improve the quality of your apps and services together.
The IT part is as simple as ever
We understand that often IT of online retailers are busy supporting and updating the current infrastructure. We keep in touch with the store's developers to make app support simple, fast, and easy.
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