Increase conversions
on Shopify
By providing your customers and staff members with actual stocks balance information
Guide customers efficiently
Show the nearest shop with available stocks along with the list of all shops with contacts and available sizes.
Help your sales team
Provide your team with fast access to the stock information. Make decisions easier to manage.
Decrease ops costs
Get rid of unavailable orders. Show your customers instant information about out of stock positions.
Our clients love us
Mary Mischenko
E-commerce Director at VASSA&CO
Till 2019 VASSA&Co had a website only. Although the company's mobile traffic grew, the conversion rate was too low. The company decided to launch a mobile application to compete with other boutiques and increase online sales.
Andrew Vasilyev
Head of E-commerce projects at re:Store
The pilot project of the re:Store mobile application was launched on time and showed an economic effect, in connection with which a decision was made on the further development of the product.
IMSHOP.IO employees provide quality support and advice when needed.
Oleg Balandin
Executive director at Forward
In the beginning, we tried to redesign our website to make it more convenient, but when I saw tools that were simpler and cheaper, I chose the mobile application from IMSHOP.IO
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