How we launched the App for VASSA & Co
Ksenia Drozdova CEO &Product owner IMSHOP.IO in cooperation with Marina Mishchenko E-commerce Director Vassa&Co
VASSA&Co – women's clothing brand from Russia. The company was founded in the 00s: then the first industrial line prêt-a-porter in Russia was launched and the first four stores were opened in Moscow.

VASSA&Co is one of the few Russian designer brands with a wide chain of branded stores and its own production base in the capital city. Today, 30 company boutiques operate in Russia.
Case description
Until 2019, VASSA & Co had only a website. Even though the company's mobile traffic grew, the conversion to purchase was too low. In order to compete with other brands and increase online sales, the company decided to launch a mobile app.

In order to set up omnichannel marketing, VASSA&Co came to IMSHOP.IO.

We started the development process. A month and a half later, we released MVP. The retailer liked the product and in 3 months, a pilot , which cost 150 thousand rubles, was made. Later on, we improved and supported the service within a monthly subscription plan.
Business growth benchmarks
13% growth in mobile app sales

63% of complete purchases in the app vs. on the website - 58%

10% higher the average check in the app than on the website

The application has become a link for managing all marketing processes and has brought the following results:

1. Increase purchase conversion from mobile traffic.

2. Loyal customer base of the application.

3. Growth of repeated purchases through retail and online.

Business growth metrics
13% growth in mobile app sales

63% purchases in the app, on the website - 58%

10% higher average check comparing to the website


In order to reach these goals, VASSA&Co chose IMSHOP.IO. We developed a mobile app for the brand and ensured omnichannel sales.

Then we built in a flexible delivery system and set up push notifications. After that, we started promoting and supporting the app.

Below I describe how we achieved the result.

Mobile App has been developed
In order to ensure effective sales of designer clothing, a convenient and beautiful App is needed. We developed a product release that included customer wishes, such as:

· A catalog with filters allows you to quickly select the right item.

· The showcase shows the user basic information about the product.

· The shopping cart displays items marked by the user in the catalog.

· Wishlist shows customer's favorite models.

The user's profile contains his or her personal information, store map and order history.